About us

We are PIETRO TELLAROLI and MAURIZIO RONCARATI from Bologna. Both of us started, at a tender age in 1982, to raise GLOSTERS and have since belonged to the A.B.C. (Associazione Bolognese Canaricoltori) association. For many years we have exchanged them, and then in 1999 we decided to combine our experience and knowledge. First of all we established some basic rules with which we based our collaboration on: natural and varied nourishment and appropriate lodging with rigorously maintained hygiene.
We are both convinced that an ample use of pharmaceutical products, either therapeutic or energetic, would weaken or in the best of cases alter the immunity defenses of our canary friends. Therefore we apply a ‘strict natural selection’, and not only in relation to the type. When March comes around (and not earlier), every year we breed the females, from which we usually obtain little ones of many colours. As soon as they are independent they are freed in appropriate aviaries. Only at a later stage we evaluate together which ones could be eventually exhibited. We have followed the guidelines of the most famous British breeders, from which we have purchased various birds, and sometimes, with alternate luck.
Our main objectives are the roundness of the forms and the brightness of the feathers together with the control of the size. Having followed this course from the beginning, we have never missed out on the exhibitions renowned for the English breed like the Bologna show (held every year on the first Sunday of November) and the specialized ones of Ravenna and Modena (usually held in December). In these type of shows the judges utilize the ‘confrontation’ or ‘english style’ method, the latter being the one with which we all have fun mostly. All the subjects belonging to the same category (colour) are observed and scrutinized, most of the times with comments regarding merit and defects being expressed loudly, and then the best are elected. It is always an excellent occasion to meet with ‘colleagues’ and exchange a few words. We hope to come in contact with a very high number of persons that are interested in raising this splendid breed of canaries, for which we have developed a strong passion, and to be able to divulge it as much as possible.

Good luck to everyone. Pietro & Maurizio